I feel fat and sorry for myself

26 dec

Lol love the title , i am indeed a bit fatter than last year and i have had a few blows in the health section

I cannot walk stairs anymore and my energy levels are dropping because i am in constant pain , but …i am so done with feeling sorry for myself so here is my new work out shedule for the next 30 days , starting on friday 27 dec

See you in 30 days 😉

Excersise program 30 days

9 Reacties to “I feel fat and sorry for myself”

  1. Robert Kristian Kjell Alm 26 december 2019 bij 16:27 #

    You got it girl! 🙂

  2. Barney Rubble 26 december 2019 bij 19:09 #

    Good luck with it. ♑🐈

    • Serenity 26 december 2019 bij 19:14 #

      Thanks my friend , a good Xmas to you 🙂

      • Barney Rubble 26 december 2019 bij 19:17 #

        Thanks. Glad it’s done really. Everything changed all those years ago. Normal mundane routine is good for me 🐈

      • Serenity 26 december 2019 bij 19:19 #

        Good to hear , i am enjoying watching Enterprise again on Netflix , my daughter is visiting me in a bit , had a very restful xmas , no family engaments hehe

  3. Barney Rubble 26 december 2019 bij 19:22 #

    I have to watch some Trek. I had a brief look at an RPG for it recently.

  4. Barney Rubble 26 december 2019 bij 21:43 #

    Liked it not because you are feeling a bit bad, but because you are chatting about it anyway. Stay well

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