Archief | september, 2018

Wandering of for a year

8 sep

Hmm…holocronSome take my sabbatical very personal , already i had to explain to a few people that me taking a break from the online Jedi community does not mean i take a break from their friendship. It kind of brings a problem to the surface that when you are involved in something like the Jedi community , you kind of join the Jehovah’s witnesses , when you decide to take a break or go your own way …they kind of consider you lost , or are not bothered with who you are or what you do anymore. Strange but very revealing,

I wonder who is left after a year of me wandering off and living a offline Jedi Life,…well off line is not completely possible off course , i have some responsibilities but they will remain in the background , far , far in the background

Opie Macleod gave me an assignment just about the time is was considering the same for a while , at first i felt kicked out of the nest. Kind of , “Here are your 5 practises , twas nice having you here , now GTF out there see ya next year” lol But then i felt this enormous sense of relief and validation of something i knew for a long time coming.

Off course i had to tell my other Mentor  Wes of this as i was smack at the end of an apprenticeship with him and me sodding off for a year was not exactly in the planning , but …he agreed with me , a year of contemplation, distance and working in the background , thus having more time to study and building my Empire of Service sounded just fine to him. Confirming that all was on the right track.

So , have i stopped being a Jedi? Hell No

Are we still Friends ? Hell Yeah , unless i was just a piece of your Jedi puzzle , then Hell No , because i want Friends in my life …not website puppets and puppet masters…