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Art of War

9 dec

Reading this book confronts me with a lot of mistakes i have made , i think everybody has made , as i was listening to the audiobook i saw that there was a video that explained the book from a bussinessmans point of view. Although i dont agree with everything he says i found it very valuable and so i spend today with making meditation scripts , making my criminology homework , finishing listening to Art of War and listening to the explanation video , i also updated my accountability log and i did┬á my excersises. I have spent most of my day behind the laptop but it was a very fruitfull day. A day that will bring me closer to my goal. Its as if my determination to follow my bliss and seek my direction and purpose is paying off. How i try to focus and be the best i can be. And the calm that brings ..bliss in itself ! Discipline brings calm and makes me feel prepared , not longer afraid to face conflict but not seeking it. Time to meditate to wind down ­čśë

May the Force be with you ÔŁĄ